A Whippet Onesie

Rigby loves many things: yams, tug-of-war, her squeaky donut. But most of all, she loves warmth. If there is a fuzzy blanket, patch of sun, or little-spoon position available, she’s there.

So when I came across the pattern for Italian Greyhound pajamas by Halat Sophie, I knew she had to have a whippet-sized version of her own.

Whippet Dog in DIY Pajamas 3

Rigby has her fair share of sweaters, but this one is by far her favorite. Unlike the others, it covers her back legs, too, and is loose and soft enough to feel like she’s perpetually under her favorite blanket. A canine snuggie!

Whippet Dog in DIY Pajamas 4

It’s also a great base for Halloween costumes. We’ve used a scale-patterned fabric to make the dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park, and added white cutouts for a skeleton (pattern for the bone appliques is here!).


Download the printable PDF pattern here! Be sure to adjust your printing settings to 100%. The pages have built-in margins for overlap, so all you need to do is line them up using the circles at each intersection as a guide.

Here’s what the pattern will look like when assembled:

onesie total

  • Scaling up/down: The pattern fits Rigby, who is a fairly petite whippet (21″ from base of neck to tail). If you need to scale up or down, I recommend using that measurement as a guide — it matches the length of the fold line on the main body piece of the pattern. You can either scale it up on your computer, or if you’re like me and don’t have a printer, cast it to the TV and trace!
  • Fabric: I picked up this fleece print at Joanne’s for $6. A single yard was just enough, so if your whippet is bigger than Rigby, I’d recommend about a yard and a half for some wiggle room. You can use any stretch fabric for these, but I prefer fleece since it’s comfy, crooked stitches are hidden in the fuzz, and it won’t fray. Using a new needle and longer stitch length will help you avoid skipped stitches.
  • Note on sleeve cuffs and neck piece: These can be as long or as short as you want, or even nonexistent! I prefer to add a fairly long, snug snood for the neck, and simple fleece cuffs. You can also use stretchy knit ribbing for the sleeve cuffs — if you go that route, cut the piece a bit shorter and stretch it as you sew for a cute cinched look that will do a better job keeping the cold out.

Whippet Dog in DIY Pajamas

Sewing Instructions

White indicates the “right” side of the fabric, or the side you want to show. Stripes represent the “wrong” side of the fabric. On fleece, that is usually the side that is fuzzier. If it has a pattern, it will be less defined on the wrong side, as well.

onesie-patternArtboard-2Step 1: Take the main body piece and lay out, with wrong side up. Fold up about 1/2″ of fabric at the indicated placements and stitch down. This will give a nice finish to the edges around the tummy and tail openings.

onesie-patternArtboard-2 - Copy

Step 2: Take all four cuff pieces and the neck piece, and fold each in half with wrong sides together (right sides showing). Attach as indicated to the main body piece (back leg cuffs), the arm pieces (front leg cuffs), and the neck opening. For each of these, you’ll be sewing through 3 layers of fabric.

Be sure to pin and/or baste stitch the neck pieces together before sewing to ensure no bumps.

If you don’t want cuffs and/or a neck snood, you can skip this step and simply fold these edges over like in step 1.

onesie-patternArtboard-2 - Copy (2)

Step 3: Form the legs by sewing the colored lines to each other (purple to purple, pink to pink, etc.), with right sides together. The front arms can be a bit tricky, so be sure to pin carefully and/or baste stitch first.

onesie-patternArtboard-2 - Copy (3)

Step 4: Turn the back legs right-side-out to check your work — it’s coming together!

onesie-patternArtboard-2 - Copy (4)

Step 5: Fold the whole thing in half along the back (right sides together), and sew along the pink lines only. You can do a test fit on your dog at this point in case you want the neck snood to be tighter.

onesie-patternArtboard-2 - Copy (5)

Step 6: With the onesie inside-out, bring together the sides of the sleeves (right sides facing each other) and the chest, lining up the center line of stitching between the neck and chest pieces. Turn right-side-out and your whippet pajamas are complete!

Add Leash Opening

As a bonus feature, you can also add a leash slot! Rigby wears a harness, but you can put the same slot higher up on the neck if you use a martingale instead.

On past coats, I’ve sewn a standard buttonhole for the leash, but I was never very happy with how they looked. For this project, I discovered the magic of the bound buttonhole:


I think it looks more polished, and the fabric folds “close” the hole so the cold can’t get in.

I had to look up a couple of tutorials to get this right, but the clearest was this one from Craftsy.

Whippet Dog in DIY Pajamas 2

Do you have a favorite dog coat pattern, or have you made your own puppy pajamas? Share in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks so much for this awesome pattern! My baby has a new romper thanks to this pattern and excellent instructions. I’ve shared your blog to my sewing group.


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