Rigby Whippet Dog at Haystack RockAdventures

Dog Heaven at Cannon Beach

This weekend we took Rigby for a quick visit to Cannon Beach — this place is a paradise for dogs and their owners!

Rigby Whippet Dog at Haystack Rock 2

It made for such a fun day trip; I can’t wait to come back for a longer visit to fully explore all the shops, restaurants, and hiking in the area. Luckily, there’s tons of pet-friendly lodging, so we can do just that!

We caught a rare sunny day in December, so parking was easy and the beach wasn’t very crowded at all (I’m sure summer is a different story). First, we headed down to the sand to see the famous Haystack Rock.

Dog friendly Cannon Beach Haystack Rock

Since the landmark is a designated bird and marine sanctuary, Rigby stayed on leash while we got a closer look at the rock and surrounding tidepools. I admit that I didn’t think Haystack looked like much from photos, but in person it was pretty impressive. Next time I’ll bring binoculars to get a better look at any birds, especially if it’s during nesting season — apparently you can even see puffins in the spring!

Once we’d trekked a bit farther south, we let Rigby off lead to play some fetch.

Whippet dog running on Cannon Beach

We’re lucky in that Rigby has a fairly solid recall for a sighthound (at least, she does when there’s chicken in my pocket). Small, unfenced areas near roads will always be a no-go, but long stretches of beach are perfect for getting the zoomies out of her system.

Whippet dog playing fetch on Cannon Beach

She’s a pro at chasing the ball. Actually catching it is another story…

Whippet dog playing fetch on Cannon Beach 3

So close.

Whippet dog playing fetch on Cannon Beach 2

After our adventure on the beach, we decided to check out some of the shops and restaurants in town. Almost every place had their dog policy posted on the door, which was much appreciated!

Here are the places we were able to check out before the far-too-early 4:30 sunset:

Dogs Allowed
I’ve never seen a pet store with so much Ruffwear gear! We drooled over the backpacks and new harness colors, all while Rigby enjoyed a treat at the counter.

Cannon Beach Treasure Co.
What a unique place! I was surprised they allowed dogs inside, since they specialize in jewelry made from salvaged historical coins, some thousands of years old.

Cannon Beach dog friendly shops

Yule’s Christmas Shop
Any year-round Christmas store is right up my alley. Dogs were allowed only if carried, but it was worth lugging Rigby around, if only to see the ornament of a fabulous merman taking a selfie.

Pizza a’ Fetta
This place had seating in a peaceful little courtyard, and you could order from a take-out counter, which made it really easy to navigate with the dog.

Cannon Beach dog friendly restaurants

Keep an eye out for a follow-up post come spring — we’ll definitely be making a return trip!

Whippet dog at Haystack Rock

Do you have a favorite place on the coast to visit with your dog? Share in the comments below!

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